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Why I Love Washington

A recent poll found that Americans think they'd be better off with a Congress chosen randomly from the phone book. Gene Weingarten decided to have some fun with this idea by picking random names out of the phone book and asking them complex questions about public policy.

Except the phone book he picked was Washington D.C.:

Call 1: Remes, Robert
Me: Let's say there's a vote to invoke cloture on a debate over an appropriations bill allocating revenue-sharing funds to municipalities based on the disproportionality of their tax burden as calculated for the previous fiscal year. Would you vote yes?
Robert: Absolutely.
Me: You understood that?
Robert: Sure. I'm a lawyer. I don't like filibusters.

David Brooks had an amusing column last year about the culture of Washington's Ward 3, but I think Weingarten's does it better.