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The Fundamental Divide

Here's what Representative Tom Price, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said after the summit:

Today’s summit should have been used to start anew because Americans simply don’t agree with the Democrats’ approach. Instead, President Obama and Democrat leaders completely ignored the public’s call to start over with a blank sheet of paper. But Democrats came to the table unwilling to let go of their thousands of pages of big government. Amidst all the talk, one contrast stood out with crystal clarity. The Democrat plan operates on the assumption that Washington knows best, while we believe the best solutions will be found by putting patients first. This fundamental divide has been the basis of debate for the past year. All we saw today was another seven hours of it.

I don't agree about the nature of the divide, but I agree that the divide exists. It's time for the parties to go their separate ways. And, for the Democrats, that means trying to pass their bill.