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Domestic Muslim Terrorists And The New York Times

No, it is not—as, frankly, I expected--downplaying the phenomenon. But, rather, it has put four commentaries on the Times website on what’s “Behind the New U.S. Terror Cases.” No denial of the reality. No attack on American policy at home and abroad for provoking it. No accusation of excess in pursuing the problem. Just cool suggestions for what to do now that we know Muslim terrorism is here. Except for one catty little swipe at the Bushies regarding how wise the Obami were in ceasing to call any of this a “war on terror.”

Does the president know that Muslim terrorism is here? That’s another question.

And, in case you’re interested, not one of the contributors listed Israel as a cause of jihad at home.

By the way, Michelle Cottle has an article in the print edition of TNR (soon to be online) about Janet Napolitano, secretary of homeland security, whose credentials are not insignificant. Except for one thing: She knew nothing about terrorism and, thus, nothing about homeland security. Maybe she’s learned something. But on-the-job training is not what the position requires.