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Biden Literally Wrote This Message

Call me a cynic, but I had always assumed those emails sent out from people like "Barack Obama" were actually written by one of their underlings. But now I see there's an email from "Vice President Joe Biden" and it's entitled "Literally Putting Money Back In Your Pocket."

Literally? I think that email was actually written by Biden, or at least a staffer who has clearly absorbed his style:

Although his supply of such qualifiers seems limitless, his favorite is clearly "literally." During his speech in Springfield, for example, Biden used the word a grand total of eight times, including twice in a row (while testifying to Obama's ability to "literally, literally change the direction of the world"); Tuesday in Denver, he one-upped himself, exclaiming that "your children's futures" are "literally, literally, literally at stake." Remarkably, Biden managed to pack six other "I'm being candid now" catchphrases into his brief 12-minute debut. His attack on McCain's tax cuts was "literally factual." (A twofer.)