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Crying Wolf

The latest turn in the sad and increasingly bizarre career of Naomi Wolf is her newfound embrace of the Tea Party movement. Here she explains the harmonic convergence of left and right:

JS: How is your comparison of Obama to Hitler any different from someone at a Tea Party holding up a placard of Obama with a Hitler mustache?
NW: Those signs are offensive. If only the Holocaust was just about imposing health care on my people. Obama has done things like Hitler did. Let me be very careful here. The National Socialists rounded people up and held them without trial, signed legislation that gave torture impunity, and spied on their citizens, just as Obama has. It isn’t a question of what has been done that Hitler did. It’s what does every dictator do, on the left or the right, that is being done here and now. The real fight isn’t left or right but between forces of democracy across the spectrum and the forces of tyranny.

Oh-kay. Meanwhile, here's Wolf in 2008 speaking to a Tea Party rally. My favorite part is around 2:40, where she concludes that the government is intercepting her mail, based on the lack of letters she has received from her daughter at camp. (I think Occam's Razor might suggest a different explanation.)