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J.D. Hayworth Prowls The Night In Search Of Blood

J.D. Hayworth believes a John McCain supporter has called for his assassination:

Hayworth also took issue with a quote in the article from former GOP state Attorney General Grant Woods — a McCain supporter — who said of Hayworth, “Someone needs to drive a wooden stake through this guy’s heart.” 
“This cavalier death threat that he issued is over the top,” Hayworth said.
“If Grant Woods had a shred of decency he would apologize for what amounts to a death threat,” he said. “For Mr. Woods to issue a death threat in a national magazine like Newsweek is way beyond the pale.”

I'm pretty sure that was a metaphor. You see, Mr. Hayworth, in the popular culture, there's this evil figure called "Dracula." He can only be killed by driving a stake through his heart. Generally speaking, driving a stake through the heart is not considered an efficient way of killing regular people.