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Yup, Crist Is Going Indie (Updated)

From the St. Petersburg Times:

Crist has previously denied he's thinking about running as an independent, and on Wednesday he brushed off the question.
"I'm focused on the session," the governor said. "I'm focused on these bills that are pending and coming up shortly. That's where my focus is, there will be time for other things later."

This is best translated as "yes."

Update: Or maybe not:

To put these rumors to rest once and for all, as we have said countless times before, Gov. Crist is running for the United States Senate as a Republican. He will not run as an independent or as a "no party affiliation."
The governor is proud of his conservative credentials and stands firmly behind the principles of limited government and more personal freedom, the bedrock values of the Republican Party. He is proud to be a member of the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.
This should completely and utterly put to rest any of the unfounded rumors coming from the Rubio campaign that Gov. Crist would run as anything other than the Republican that he is.

Keep in mind that politicians always deny they're going to switch until they do switch. But the strength of the denial matters, and the last one is pretty strong.