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Your Questions Answered: Stephen Spruiell

Stephen Spruiell at National Review:

[C]heck out Schumer's hilarious exercise in straw-man-building:
Of course, not everyone agrees with me. Some on the right argue we should do nothing, that the banks have recovered and should be left alone. Some on the left argue we should be much tougher and punish the banks as much as we can. And there are some who say, "Just defend Wall Street, no matter what."
Really? Who's in favor of just defending Wall Street no matter what?

Well, Wall Street is, and Wall Street -- surprise! -- has some sway in New York. Here's a New York Post story about how Schumer is selling out his hometown industry:

Wall Street big shots and political insiders yesterday blasted New York Sen. Chuck Schumer for failing to defend the financial industry against Democrats' attacks and a regulatory crackdown.
Some said they believed Schumer was throwing the city's largest industry under the bus to ingratiate himself with fellow Democrats and advance his quest to become Senate majority leader if Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is defeated in November.

The whole premise of the article is that Schumer is a craven sellout for failing to do Wall Street's bidding. Indeed, Wall Street's fury at Schumer for failing to be a Wall Street lapdog -- a role he has assumed in the past -- is largely behind the efforts to recruit challengers to Gillibrand, his protege.