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Public Sees Economic Recovery, But...

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner has a new survey showing some interesting results. Perception of the economy and whether the nation is on the right track, which have been falling for about a year, have now turned up noticeably. The right track/wrong track indicator improved by ten points, though it remains low. The proportion of respondents who say they economy has already started improving rose by 7, and the share saying it will get worse fell by 8. If you click the links and look at the graphs, the upturn is pretty striking.

Now, the survey is careful to point out that this change in economic perception has not resulted in any more positive perception of Obama and the Democrats. Politically, this means nothing so far. Keep in mind that it took quite a while for the public to start blaming Obama for handling the economy. So the political question is, if the economy is indeed undergoing a sharp recovery that actually makes itself felt in the lives of most people, will the political impact of that change appear in time to effect the November elections? There's still time, but not much.