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An Abramoff Crony Seeks Redemption

A good story from the Washington Post:

After Abramoff's plea agreement, he says he became "radioactive" -- acquaintances crossed the street to avoid him -- and though he had once written multibillion-dollar legislation, he had a hard time even landing volunteer work. He finally took a job working with homeless veterans, and now runs a nonprofit called Falling Upstairs, which, according to its rudimentary Web site, is "focused on analyzing social media sites and applications which can be used to improve the current delivery system of aid for those in need."
Volz hopes to raise money for bus passes and phones for the homeless. He says he doesn't earn any income from the venture, so to support himself -- and to finish paying off $500,000 in legal fees and debts -- he cleans restaurants.
"I'm mopping floors and cleaning toilets in an effort to try and do good," he says. "I don't know that I'd be on that path if I didn't get caught. But I can tell you that in many ways, I'm a whole lot more content now than I was then."