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British Election Junkies, Unite!

[Guest post by Sam Sweeney]

TNR has been all over these British elections. Take a look below for a roundup of all our U.K.-licious coverage.

Howard Jacobson writes that U.K. voters aren’t as dumb as they seem. But they may be something worse:

There is some way to go yet, and no one knows how it will end, or when, but so far this is a triumph for the skepticism of an electorate that has shown itself less the slave of television than was anticipated, and less swayed by the febrile fear-mongering of the press than the press hoped—an electorate that has voted unequivocally for equivocation.

Alex Massie of Britain’s Spectator predicts another election--and soon:

But since a deal between Clegg and Brown seems improbable, Cameron has essentially dared Clegg to reject the responsibilities and opportunity of office in order to preserve his purity in comfortable opposition. If he does that, Cameron will presumably try and soldier on as a minority government.

A minority ministry might be more credible than many analysts predict, but it's still more probable that David Cameron will look to return to the voters inside twelve months and that Britain will be given another chance to make up its mind, one way or another.

E.J. Dionne says that economics explain the bizarre election results:

The outcome in Britain underscores a problem roiling so many democracies. The economic change brought about by globalization and technological advances is not creating the happy, unified world of progress its promoters keep promising. Instead, it is splitting regions within nations that are fully part of the global market from those being left behind.

You can check out these pieces here, here and here. Also read William Galston, Alex Massie, Andrew Marr, and Howard Jacobson on the long run-up to the vote.