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Daddy Warbucks As John Galt

The comic strip will end next month. Apparently Daddy warbucks, who I thought was supposed to be an unsympathetic war profiteer who was redeemed by Annie, turns out to have been a model of the heroic capitalist. He even decided to "Go Galt" during the New Deal:

Back when President Franklin D. Roosevelt was nominated to run for a fourth term in the middle of World War II, Gray's decidedly anti-New Deal "Little Orphan Annie" killed off Daddy Warbucks, protesting that he shouldn't have to apologize for being successful as he expired.

"Some have called me (a) dirty capitalist," Warbucks said on his deathbed in August 1944, according to Maeder. "But I've merely used the imagination and common sense and energy that kind of providence gave me. Now? Well, Annie, times have changed, and I'm old and tired. I guess it's time to go!"

A year later, with Roosevelt dead, Warbucks rejoined the living. "Somehow," he said, smoking a cigar, "I feel that the climate here has changed since I went away."