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Wow, Sarah Palin Is Right About Something, Almost

Highland Park High School has decided to prevent its girls basketball team from playing in a tournament in Arizona, to protest the state's immigration law. I'm actually undecided as to whether Arizona's law merits a boycott, but even if it does, it's an individual decision that a school has no reason to force onto individual students. Players on the team who wish to boycott Arizona are free to do so.

Sarah Palin, who may not know anything about domestic or foreign policy but does know her basketball (back in the day, she was a good sportscaster) has made the Highland Park girls' squad a cause celebre:

Keeping girls off the court for political reasons? As I said last night in Illinois: “Them’s fightin’ words.”

Uh, yeah. Actually, Palin proceeds to mount a highly unconvincing defense of Arizona's law, which makes you wonder if she has an actually principled aversion to sports-related boycotts or simply opposing this boycott on substantive grounds. Well, no matter.