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The Difference Between Critics Of Illegal Immigration and Mexican-Haters

Mexicans along the U.S. border are calling a one-day economic boycott in protest of Arizona's immigration law:

Business leaders are calling on all Mexican nationals to avoid crossing the international bridges into the United States for any reason, but particularly for shopping, on that day.
“Our action will be united and preventive,” said Emilio Girón Fernández de Jáuregui, president of the Nuevo Laredo Chamber of Commerce.

Mark Krikorian at National Review smirks:

Let's Make It a Week and See How It Goes
More good news along the border.

Let's be clear about the facts here. This isn't about illegal immigrants crossing the border. It isn't even about immigrants. It's about Mexicans doing business with the United States. Krikorian is expressing an objection to Mexicans coming into this country for any purpose or duration of time. Kathryn Jean Lopez, this is your cue to say absolutely nothing.