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Beauty Queen Update

Never saw this one coming:

Donald Trump's Miss USA pageant is looking into a stripper pole scandal that has engulfed newly crowned winner Rima Fakih on Day One of her reign.  Radio host Mojo from Detroit's Mojo In The Morning told that a pageant spokesperson called their station "asking for the pictures and wanting to know more details."

I think her Senate candidacy is now inevitable.

Meanwhile, Marin Cogan explained the right wing-beauty queen connection last year:

That derision was probably one reason why conservatives rallied around Prejean, crowning her a modern day Queen Esther and making her a show-stopper at the Values Voter summit in September. But it can’t be the only reason. The party is packed with former beauty queens—not only Prejean and Sarah Palin but Michele Bachmann, Lisa Murkowski, and Marsha Blackburn. Conservatives love their beauty queens, I think, in part for the obvious reasons—the pageant fetishizes the traditional values conservatives go gaga over—not only strictly prescribed gender roles but also moral rectitude, patriotism, and charity. But there’s a victimization element at work here, too: Prejean is the brave and besieged outsider standing up to the know-it-all elites. It’s an image they see as representative of, and mirrored in, themselves. This was evident in the ad that the National Organization for Marriage cut with Prejean when it tried to portray the controversy as a case of liberal intolerance, as it is portrayed in the title of her book, Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks.