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And It Seems You Can’t Trust The President On Missile Defense Either

Barack Obama believes everything that would lead us away from a confrontation with our antagonists.

William J. Broad and David E. Sanger report in the New York Times that:

President Obama’s plans for reducing America’s nuclear arsenal and defeating Iran’s missiles rely heavily on a new generation of antimissile defenses, which last year he called “proven and effective.”
His confidence in the heart of the system, a rocket-powered interceptor known as the SM-3, was particularly notable because as a senator and presidential candidate he had previously criticized antimissile arms. But now, a new analysis being published by two antimissile critics, at M.I.T. and Cornell, casts doubt on the reliability of the new weapon.

There is already so much evidence that Obama’s tactical and strategic views derive from his tout va bien disposition in world affairs that we shall quickly come to the belief that he is simply not to be trusted on foreign policy. This is a sad conclusion, But it is better to conclude that than to be led into his wonderland.