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Better Acronyms, Please

Ben Smith notices an odd acronym:

According to the FEC, a group called the DECIDEDLY UNHAPPY MAINSTREAM PATRIOTS REJECTING EVIL-MONGERING INCOMPETENT DEMOCRATS PAC has been spending modest sums against Harry Reid.
That's "Dump Reid" for short, as long as you consider "evil-mongering" a single word.

This is just incompetent acronym formation. First, the phrase works better without "mongering." Why threaten the integrity of your acronym in order to call Democrats "evil-mongering" when you can just call them "evil"?

Second, I don't think evil is something one can really monger. I believe the list of things that can be mongered is confined to: war, hate, fear, and -- for some reason -- fish. I've never understood what the fish-mongers did to get on that list.