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Sharron Angle: It Begins

A few hours ago, I boldly predicted that we have only scratched the surface of the nuttiness of Sharron Angle, newly victories Republican Senate candidate in Nevada. The oppo research is starting to flow. Via TPM, it turns out that she opposed flouridation:

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported in April 1999 that the state assembly, of which Angle was a member, voted 26-16 for a bill that required fluoridation in two counties including the cities of Reno and Las Vegas. Angle was a strong opponent of the measure. The paper reported (via Nexis):
Before the vote, Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, R-Reno, sought to postpone the vote so she could add an amendment to block fluoridation in Washoe County. The Washoe County Commission in 1992 rejected fluoridation, and Angle said the Legislature should not approve fluoridation in her county without a vote of its people. ...
[Bill proponent Chris Giunchigliani] attributed the reluctance of Angle and others to back the bill to its potential financial effect on Washoe County. ....
But Angle said she simply does not like fluoride.
'The fluoride solutions used in fluoridation must not contain any quantity of lead, arsenic, mercury, or any other substance that may be considered hazardous to human health,' she said. During hearings, Angle said witnesses testified most states use an industrial fluoride that contains such substances.

It's sapping our precious bodily fluids!