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I Don't See Any Method At All

Jamison Foser watches Howard Kurtz:

Howard Kurtz, June 2:I'm among those who believe that passion is often missing from his presidency. … But in terms of the optics, the politics, the sense of outrage, well, no wonder James Carville was angry. The White House just bungled that part. … Watching Obama, I thought, here's a guy who really understands this stuff. But he was flat and technocratic.”
Howard Kurtz, June 7, 12:52 PM: “It's mostly pundits who are indicting the president for insufficient anger, and I would agree that he can seem awfully calm, even passive, in the face of a national calamity such as the oil spill.”
Howard Kurtz, June 7, approximately 8:30 PM: “Obama, talking to Matt Lauer about kicking ass? Doesn't it sound like something the press shop scripted for him? Next: Boxing gloves video?”