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Indian-Americans On Television

Suddenly they're all over the place. Nina Shen Rastogi explains.

By the way, in searching for the above photo, I learned that the Kelly Kapoor character has a twitter feed:

  1. Tragic life. After 2000 all he did was make some lame docu RT@ IAmErinHannon Al and Tipper -so sad. He was almost vice president in 2000 too via web
  2. Carrie-sized hole can only b filled by Bella&Ed&Jacob. If Taylor doesn’t take his shirt off at least 50x I will claw the screen to shreds.
  3. Movie was sold out, was caught sneaking in. NE 1 got bail $?
  4. I will enter the theater a sexy single girl, and leave a sexier single girl!
  5. Countdown to SATC2: 0 DAYS!!!! Every moment of my life has led up 2 this....
  6. Pigeons = gross, unless they’re doves! I’m releasing one at the SATC2 premiere. RT @IAmErinHannon I named the pigeon on my porch Ronald!