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Can the Hermit Kingdom Play Another Game of their Lives?

Apart from the fact that they are extreme long shots to win tomorrow’s match against Brazil—and their unfortunate mistake in listing their striker, Kim Myong-Won, as a goalkeeper—the North Korean side remains shrouded in mystery. Placed at 105 in the global rankings by FIFA, only a handful of the country’s players have experience playing abroad. But—as TNR noted in December—an upset tomorrow would not be the first time the North Koreans shocked the soccer world: 

North Korea’s 1966 upset over Italy is not only a seminal moment in North Korean sporting history; it was also the first time that an Asian team had qualified for the World Cup quarterfinals--and the last one for 36 years, until the South Koreans made it to the semi-finals in the 2002 cup. That same year, a British film crew managed to interview some of the surviving members of the 1966 North Korea team and released a documentary film chronicling their experiences, The Game of their Lives. (Watch the trailer here.)

And that’s just one of 5 Things You Don’t Know About North Korean Soccer.