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Hate, Hate, Hate Health Reform. Or Maybe Not.

I've never put huge faith in the polling on health care reform. The public's grasp of the law is too fuzzy, the questions too easy to manipulate. But since nary a day goes by when somebody doesn't point out how incredibly unpopular reform is, the latest Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll deserves a look. Via Politico's daily Pulse:

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll due out today has support for the overhaul at 48 percent – up seven percentage points over the past month. Forty-one percent have unfavorable views, down from 44 percent in May.

Reform has generally been more popular on the Kaiser tracking poll than most of the others I've seen. And the increase in popularity it shows is not huge: The figure is still in the 40 to 50 percent range, where it's been for a while. But the trend towards higher popularity is consistent with other recent polling.