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Happy Fourth of July from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: The Iranian President Pities the American People

Iran has a mission, its own American mission. It's to rescue us from our "non-democratic bullying administration." Actually, this message of sympathy was issued on June 16. But it was, so to speak, in the spirit of the times.

Part of the evidence is the absence of criticism of Israel and Zionism. Tell that to the New York Times or, for that matter, Nick Kristof and Peter Beinart who are making a new career out of whining about the Jews. From MEMRI:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "Over 60 years ago, by means of an artificial and false pretext, and by fabricating information and inventing stories, they gathered the filthiest, most criminal people, who only appear to be human, from all corners of the world. They organized and armed them, and provided them with media and military backing. Thus, they occupied the Palestinian lands, and displaced the Palestinian people. [...]
"[Obama] said: We support the Iranian nation’s right to be free, and so on and so forth... This is the Iranian nation. You want to talk about this? This nation does not accept you one little bit. The Iranian people loathe you. [...]
"All the anti-human plans in the world are carried out under [Obama] and his administration. All the occupations, massacres, and human rights violations are perpetrated under his administration, yet along he comes with complaints about our nation.
"Let me say something new here. This declaration of his has committed us, from this moment on, to add another international mission to those we already have.
"What is this mission? I will tell you what it is.
"Today, the harshest dictatorship is the one operating against the American nation, and the greatest pressure is exerted over there. They have no freedom of expression. No newspaper has the right to write anything about the crimes of the Zionists, or about the support given to them by the U.S. politicians. The American people do not have the right to demonstrate freely or to oppose the crimes of their politicians. Many Americans live in poverty. Eighty million people are poor. Some [leader] of that same America plundered hundreds and thousands of billions of dollars from the wealth of other nations.
"Mr. President, before thinking about other nations, think about your own. The action you took has forced us to declare that from now on, one of the main demands of the Iranian nation is to rescue the American people from its non-democratic bullying administration."