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Rand Paul Forthright About Lack Of Forthrightness

Talking to National Review, the Kentucky GOP Senate nominee essentially admits he's hiding his ideology:

“No one [in the GOP] is forcing me to do anything. I do exactly what I want, but I am also realistic about what it takes to run a campaign and get elected.” For instance, instead of calling for the elimination of many federal departments — as his father, Ron Paul, the libertarian Republican congressman and former presidential candidate, regularly does — Paul says he is trying to “nibble around the edges,” to “not be the person who says he will eliminate every department in the federal government. My dad freely will say that, that he would eliminate at least half of the departments, but he is just more forthright.

A Paul aide emails Ben Smith:

"It's an incomplete quote and a bit out of context, from an hour long conversation. He was [conveying] that he was proud that his Dad has stands up to big government in Washington and is more forthright than any other politician in Washington."

This is a non-denial denial.