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Is Joe Manchin Too Young?

Politico has a headline, "Manchin Gets Veteran Dem Challenger." "Veteran" turns out to be something of an understatement here:

Former West Virginia Secretary of State Ken Hechler, a nonagenarian Democrat who has held office in the state on and off since 1958, has filed to run in his party’s Senate primary against Gov. Joe Manchin.
The West Virginia secretary of state’s office confirmed that Hechler filed the appropriate paperwork by fax and paid the $1,740 fee to enter the special election race for the late Sen. Robert Byrd’s seat.
At 95, Hechler is three years old than Byrd was at the time of his death on June 28.

I get the logic here. In West Virginia, they like their Senators older than dirt. Why not take advantage?