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Anna Wintour’s Bitching Makes It To The (London) Independent

To page three, no less.

Well, it's about a new restaurant. And a liquor license. And the (kind of) people who will come there. And the enormous common garden, called MacDougal-Sullivan Gardens, accessible only to 22 private houses of which Anna Wintour's is one. 

The community meeting where Anna spoke up is written about in Saturday's chic left The Independent.  "I am completely concerned...This is a unique historic neighborhood."

A few days earlier the New York Post posted her grievances.  Not on page six.

The restaurant is to be called Miss Lily's, Jamaica style.

The devil did not wear Prada.

I recall when some Cambridge do-good organization tried to set up a half-way house down the street from my full house.  I feigned indifference. Only because I knew that such a project would never pass muster in our neighborhood.