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A Strong Argument Against Context

The Daily Caller's Jonathan Strong, who has written a series of articles based on distorting or even completely inverting the meaning of various threads on the liberal listserv Journolist, writes in the New York Post, "Led by blogger Matt Yglesias, their attacks have focused on questioning the context of the e-mails — an oft-used refuge for those caught saying embarrassing things."

An excellent point! "Context" is the refuge of scoundrels. However, I'd note that in this very op-ed, Strong urges, "pick one of Obama’s critics, 'Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists.'” Wow, what a crazy thing to say! And oddly hypocritical for a self-styled conservative who claims to be standing up for journalistic honesty.

Strong also writes in defense of "a key tenant of journalism... [a] disingenuous attack line." Strong thinks disingenuous attack lines are a key tenant of journalism? Well, that explains a lot!