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Charlie Rangel Equals Shirley Sherrod?

Lanny Davis wants all of us to take a step back before judging Charlie Rangel:

Have we learned nothing from the recent rush-to-judgment travesty of Shirley Sherrod?

Charles Rangel stands accused by a House ethics subcommittee, composed of both Democratic and GOP House members, of violating House rules — and of course that should be taken far more seriously than the original tape clip that led everyone to jump to a premature conclusion before taking the time to view the entire tape or even to talk to Sherrod.

Except the House subcommittee spent 18 months reviewing the evidence before officially filing charges against Rangel, which is about 17 months and 29 days longer than anyone spent judging Shirley Sherrod's case. And unlike Sherrod, Rangel has already been "admonished" by the same committee and lost his chairmanship over a previous ethics violation.

Other than that, great comparison!