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Greedy Geezers

Following up on the new poll showing strong approval for the Affordable Care Act, a Republican points out to Ben Smith that old people, who vote at the heaviest rates, still oppose it:

A GOP source, seeing my earlier post about the increasing popularity of health care reform, digs deeper into the new polling and pulls a nugget that will bode poorly for Dems this fall: Forty-six percent of seniors hold an unfavorable view of the new law, and 38 percent hold a favorable one.
Further, when asked whether the bill will make seniors in general better off or worse off, the numbers are even worse: 23 percent vs. 48 percent.

This has been true for a while:

Conservatives have made a concerted effort to portray public opposition to health care reform as an ideological rejection of liberalism and government. The truth is that people who don't have government health insurance support the Affordable Care Act. The only opposition comes from people who already benefit from single-payer health care. They're not opposed to government health care -- they're worried that providing health insurance to others will come at their expense.