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Mitch McConnell's Honest Dishonesty

I always enjoy it when politicians admit that they were spinning in the past but not now:

NJ: Four years ago, you told National Journal that the congressional elections would not be a referendum on President Bush but a choice between two candidates. Two years ago, you told NJ the elections would be about the future, not the past or Bush. What about this year's midterms?
McConnell: I was doing the best I could in a very difficult situation. Everything I said then could apply to the Democrats right now.

In other words, McConnell is saying, I was in a desperate situation so I had to lie. But now that I'm no longer in a desperate situation, I can tell the truth. I actually find this persuasive.

The other great thing about this interview, in which McConnell gloats at length about the upcoming elections, is that it includes this photograph: