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Was I Just Insulted?

I'm always gratified to see content at TNR praised by outsiders. Here's Pete Wehner on Bill Galston:

William Galston is something of a rarity — a blogger at the New Republic who is both mature and worth reading.

How nice! Oh, wait... I'm a blogger at the New Republic as well. Wait. You don't think -- he's not saying -- that I'm immature? Or not worth reading? Ouch.

But which one? Wehner says that it's rare that TNR has a blogger who is both mature and worth reading. I'm sure the part about "immature" is a shot at Jonathan Cohn (whose "number of the day" feature is literally stolen from Sesame Street -- you can't get any less mature than that, unless you starting borrowing Baby Einstein features.) Nobody could possibly think I'm immature.

So is he saying I'm not worth reading? I'm authoring the only blog on the internet offering wall-to-wall Wehner coverage. If Wehner himself turns out not to be reading me, that would be a crushing blow.