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Lebowski Shakespeare Update

My weekly excerpts of "Two Gentlemen Of Lebowski" had a long hiatus when the script was pulled offline. Now the author, Adam Bertocci, has published his masterwork, and I am resuming my excerpts. Here is a scene where the nihilists enter the Dude's apartment:

Alarums. Enter Oliver and the two NIHILISTS, bearing a marmot.

Forsooth! This be a place
Of residence, and much a private place.--
O excellent marmot!

Anon, we crave the money, Lebowski.
We speak in neither jest nor fallacy.
We could do such stuff as dreams do feature,
Believing in nothing; empty and void.
Tomorrow if thou hast the ransom not
We shall recourse, and off thy Johnson cut. 

And here is the scene in the film: