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Bernard Knox's TNR Classics

"Years of Iron"; August 27, 1990. Knox reviews a new translation of Ovid's poetry, along with a novel depicting a fictional search for the poet.

"The Oldest Dead White European Males"; May 25, 1992. A consideration of the ancient Greeks, who "invented the idea and gave us the name of Europe," but also formed a "society in which, for all practical purposes...women played no part whatsoever."

"Purity and Danger"; November 23, 1992. Knox examines the politics of Albert Camus during the French Resistance, as well as "The Human Race," Robert Antelme's account of his imprisonment by the Nazis during World War Two.

"The Lost Lesbian"; May 23, 1994. Knox on two books about the life of Sappho.

"Tablets to Books"; May 14, 2001. "From the clay tablets of Uruk, Ebla, Hattusas, Ashur, and Niniveh to the parchment manuscripts in the monasteries of the late Middle Ages," Knox provides a thorough investigation of libraries of the ancient world. 

For more on Bernard Knox, please read G.W. Bowersock's obituary and an extraordinary report of his heroism in World War II