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Republicans Against Job Creation

Republicans say this election should be about the economy. Fine, let's make it about the economy and why Republicans keep blocking efforts to bolster it.

Steve Benen explains:

It's never received a lot of attention, but the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Emergency Fund has been one of the most successful elements of the Recovery Act. The fund subsidizes jobs with private companies, nonprofits, and government agencies and has single handedly put more than 240,000 unemployed people back to work in 32 states and the District of Columbia.
Governors, including Mississippi's Haley Barbour (R), have sung its praises, and urged its extension. In July, CNN called the TANF Emergency Fund "a stimulus program even a Republican can love."
Except, CNN was wrong. The TANF Emergency Fund expires at the end of this month -- just two weeks from now -- and despite Democratic efforts to continue its success, Senate Republicans will block a vote and let the program die. ...
Extending the program would cost about $2.5 billion, a relatively paltry sum that has a considerable impact on helping struggling Americans get a job. But Senate Republicans don't seem to care -- not one has signed on to keep the program going another year, and proponents, including Bob Casey who's taken the lead on this, expect the worst.
For all of the GOP's obsession with tax cuts for the wealthy, not one has the sense or the courage to endorse an affordable program that creates thousands of jobs. And yet, voters are poised to reward them anyway.