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Usually Chait is my source for Simpsons analogies. But today Steve Benen uses a good one to explain the "Pledge to America."

...there was an episode of "The Simpsons" many years ago in which the family visits "Itchy and Scratchy Land." A giant robot Itchy greets the Simpsons, takes off the top of its head as if it were a hat, exposing circuitry, chips, wires, etc.
Marge turns to Homer and say, "See all that stuff in there, Homer? That's why your robot never worked."
You see, in Homer's mind, simply building something that looked like a giant robot should have been enough. Plop a tin bucket on a metal torso, give it a name, and the thing should just start working. It didn't occur to Homer that robots are very complex, and that the advanced technology that goes into the tin-bucket head actually makes a difference.
In this little allegory, House Republicans are obviously Homer. They believe they have a policy agenda because they published a document they call a "policy agenda." Their tin-bucket head is empty, but they aren't quite sharp enough to realize that this matters.