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The Angry Ohioan

I am constantly annoyed by news reports that cast Ohio as a bellwether state. It's not a bellwether. It's Ohio, and to use it as a stand-in for America is an insult to a great nation.

Today's New York Times reports:

Ohioans are more angry with the goings-on in Washington than are Americans on the whole. And they aren’t much more pleased with the way things are going in their home state, according to a poll released Tuesday by The New York Times and CBS News.
Three-quarters of Ohioans said they were dissatisfied (47 percent) or angry (29 percent) with the way things are going in Washington. Fewer said they were satisfied (18 percent) or enthusiastic (3 percent). When the same question was asked earlier this month in a nationwide Times/CBS News poll, the public showed less anger than respondents in Ohio did. Just 20 percent of Americans nationwide said they were angry and 53 percent said they were dissatisfied with Washington.

My theory is that they're angry because they live in Ohio.