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Life In Ohio, A Continuing Series

One day these children will grow up and learn to vandalize cars with Michigan license plates:

5 Hurt In Child's Birthday Party Brawl
A birthday party for a 3-year-old turned into a brawl at a hall in Elmwood Place overnight Tuesday.
Police said the mother and step-father threw the party for the child and invited the child's biological father. At some point during the party the biological father, Ramon Marcela-Hernandez, 26, made a move on the mother, which angered the step-father, police said.
Marcela-Hernandez left, but returned with a few more people, police said.Police said a fight broke out just after 1 a.m. between the two men and beer bottles and chairs were thrown. Reports said that at one point, 75 people were involved in the brawl.