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Is President Obama Mean?

This anecdote from Bob Woodward's new book sure makes it seem so:

"It wasn't until well into the Obama presidency," Woodward writes, that vet­eran diplomat Richard Holbrooke, the special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, "learned definitively how much the president didn't care for him." The two had met and chatted briefly on Jan. 22, 2009, when Obama named him to the job.
"'Mr. President, I want to ask you one favor,' Holbrooke had said, expressing gratitude for the highly visible assignment. 'Would you do me the great favor of calling me Richard, for my wife's sake?'" Woodward writes. "... She disliked the name 'Dick,' which the president had been using."
Obama referred to Holbrooke as "Richard" during the announcement ceremony but, Woodward writes, "told others he found the request highly unusual and even strange. Holbrooke was horrified when he learned that his request -- which he had repeated to no one -- had been circulated by the president."

Whether the president is a nice guy ranks pretty low on my list of criteria. But this story still makes Obama come off as a bit of a jerk, doesn't it?