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The Tea Party Coloring Book

Remind me not to buy this for my kids:

"The Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids," published by the St. Louis-based Really Big Coloring Books Inc. and sold online for around $4 at, has been a big seller - and is causing a stir.
Some are claiming that the book wasn't made for children at all, but for right-leaning adults, as KSDK notes. Critics say passages in the books are overly political.
"When taxes are too high, the high tax takes away jobs and freedom," reads one passage. "In 1773 we had a Tea Party and this led to freedom from high taxes. Today we are having another Tea Party and this will lead to freedom from high taxes again!"
According to Wayne Bell, the publisher at Really Big Coloring Books Inc. the purpose of the book is not political.

Why is it that these guys have this weird fixation with denying their ideological and partisan leanings? My guess is that they genuinely believe, or want others to believe, that they represent a cross-section of the public that springs directly from the ideological lineage of the founding fathers. Admitting that they're just a bunch of conservative Republicans would somehow spoil the myth.