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I Can Play A Legal Immigrant, Too. Don't Typecast Me.

Per Think Progress, two Republican Senate candidates, David Vitter and Sharron Angle, are using this image in political advertisements to depict illegal aliens:

What I can't help wondering is, who are these guys? I doubt they're actually illegal aliens, because then of course the ad-maker who's decrying illegal immigration would also be using illegal immigrants. It's pretty clearly a staged photo. Don't you wonder what the models were told? "Okay, the pose is good -- You in the middle, maybe turn that baseball cap around? Good! -- but your facial expression needs to convey more contempt for the law. What is this photo being used for? Uh, good question. I'll get back to you on that."

If the economy doesn't turn around, modeling shoots for anti-immigration ads is going to be a boom job market for young Latino males.