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Kosovars Crazy For Clinton

A decade after America's operation in Kosovo, it's useful to recall that humanitarian military intervention can work, and bring lasting positive results. Here's the scene in Kosovo, where Hillary Clinton is visiting:

PRISTINA, KOSOVO- This poor, tiny corner of Europe turned into the Land of Clinton on Wednesday, with thousands of Kosovo residents turning out to greet Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and pay homage to her husband.
Former president Bill Clinton is revered here for his role in ending the Yugoslav "ethnic cleansing" campaign of the late 1990s.
Arriving in Pristina, Clinton's motorcade slowed to a halt on the central Bill Clinton Boulevard, and she hopped out of her car to personally inspect an 11-foot gold statue of the former president. She waved and smiled as a crowd brandished American flags, applauded and chanted "Hill-a-REE!! Hill-a-REE!"

They should have thought to give Kosovo a spot in the Democratic primary.