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Another Dem Ad Blasts GOP over Health Reform (Updated)

Via Ben Smith, another Democrat is going on the offensive over health care reform. It's Representative Scott Murphy, from upstate New York, and I think this is the toughest ad I've seen yet.

By the way, the ad is accurate. 

Update: It turns out the same consultant who came up with this ad is also advising Jim Marshall, a Georgia Democrat who voted against health care reform and is trying hard to distance himself from Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Ben Smith got in touch with the consultant, who says there's a common thread to the ads--they are both about "government spending." I'm not sure I see that, but I was also struck by his argument for why Murphy is pushing back so hard on health care reform:

Scott Murphy voted for the health care bill, and in his dsitrct the health care bill Is not unpopular – it’s about an even split, in terms of support and opposition to the health care bill. ... Through the campaign, we’ve got nothing but the negative branding on the health care law, and we’re simply shoing the other side of it.
It is a major topic of discussion in the campaign--that’s not escapable. ... We’re not going to take a pounding from their perspective on the health care bill without showing voters the other side of the story.

I continue to believe that, for many if not most Democrats, this is the smart electoral strategy.