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Boss Hogg: The Intervention

Periodic reports that Haley Barbour may run for president have had me wondering for a while if Republicans were completely loco (and not just Republican-loco, but loco enough to nominate a candidate who embodies the deepest cultural stereotypes of their party.)

Apparently, they're not all loco, reports Mike Allen:

A handful of well-known Republicans plans to go to Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour after Nov. 2 and urge him, for the good of his party, to run for chairman of the Republican National Committee rather than the party’s nomination for president, as he currently plans. One of the nation’s best-known Republicans called yesterday to tell us about “Draft Haley.” It’s a tough “ask”: Barbour, who now controls the largest pot of party money as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, is one of the GOP’s top-tier 2012 hopefuls. The case to Barbour would be that he could make an immediate impact on his party at a critical juncture. If the GOP somehow unseated President Obama, Barbour would get a plum job like ambassador to London.

Ah, the old London ambassadorship gambit. Kind of early in the cycle to be dangling that one. What are they going to promise Sarah Palin?