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Palin To Go Even Roguer

I thought she was completely rogue last time, but apparently Palin's rogue-o-meter is like the Spinal Tap speaker that can be cranked up to 11:

After her 30-minute speech, Ms. Palin agreed to take questions from audience members who paid up to $500 each to attend. Many of the queries from the floor allowed the former Republican vice-presidential candidate to tee off on the “lame stream media.” She seemed to agree with one person who suggested she allowed herself to be too programmed by Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s handlers during the pair’s bid for the White House.
“Thanks for the advice,” said Ms. Palin, at the event ostensibly to plug her book Going Rogue. “When I do run again I will be more rogue.”

This is going to be fun. And slightly terrifying.