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Just In Case You Haven't Heard (Or Read) Ahmadinejad's Wisdom: Here, Special, From Iran's Border With Israel

The newspapers have more or less stopped quoting Dr. A'jad in full or even enough for us to grasp the horror of it all.  This was a big trip for the tyrant. So here are some excerpts from what he said to those he craves to convert to the religion of death:

My dear brothers and sisters, the truth is that the former slave-owners and colonialists, after suffering defeat in the face of the determination of the nations, are pursuing the same goals by changing their image and adopting new slogans.
In a premeditated manner, exploiting the neglect of the people of the region, and using the pretext of reparations for the damage caused by the world war, they occupied Palestine, using violence, massacring thousands, and displacing millions, and they established a foreign, illegitimate regime there, creating a perpetual threat against all the states and peoples worldwide.

Later in the address: 

"Revealing the truth behind 9/11 and reexamining the black box of these events will resolve most of the problems.
"I declare: Establishing an independent and impartial committee of investigation, which would determine the roots and causes of the regrettable event of 9/11, is the demand of all the peoples of the region and the world.
"Any opposition to this legal and human demand means that 9/11 was premeditated in order to achieve the goals of occupation and of confrontation with the nations.
"My advice to the occupiers of Afghanistan and Iraq is to leave the region, to apologize to the people, and to pay compensation for the damages.
"If they ignore this kind advice, the powerful hand of the peoples of the region – which are the manifestation of the power of God – will drive them out of the region in shame, and will hand the criminals over to the court of justice."

To read more quotes or watch the whole speech, visit the Middle East Media Research Institute's website.