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The Art Of The Crooked Poll

The Natural Resources Defense Council says it has good news on cap and trade:

Bucking conventional wisdom, environmentalists released a poll on Monday that shows 21 House Democrats won't be burned at the ballot box for their votes on global warming and energy legislation.
The Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund surveyed voters in 23 congressional districts considered to be close races this November. Automated telephone calls asked whether the voters were likely to support a House candidate who supported legislation that would "create millions of new jobs, reduce our use of foreign oil, hold corporate polluters accountable and cut the pollution that causes climate change” — all talking points used by sponsors of the legislation.

The environmentalists found good news for the incumbents in 21 districts


Sorry, this isn't a real poll and I don't know why it's being reported on at face value. Public opinion is, generally speaking, very malleable. The wording of a question can dramatically effect the outcome of any survey. A poll by issue advocates will always, always find that its position is supported by the voters. I'd love to live in a world where a vote for cap and trade was a political asset, but we don't live in that world right now.