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Blanche Lincoln In Autumn

A last minute ad acknowledges that she's an underdog but chalks it up to principle:

A couple thoughts. First of all, have you noticed that whenever a politician attributes some sentiment to "the experts" -- in this case, that Lincoln is going to lose -- that sentiment is either a straw man that experts don't believe, or is in fact utterly correct? I can't recall a politician denouncing the experts for believing something that 1)they actually do believe 2) and which is false.

Second, it's kind of funny that Lincoln attributes her bad poll numbers to her principled opposition to the Democratic agenda and Washington unions. She seems to be arguing that she's too right-wing to win in Arkansas. In reality, she'd be in better shape, but still probably doomed anyway, if she had voted against Obama even more.

I'm just kind of curious why she's running this ad. Is she in denial about losing? Maybe trying to massage her moderate image for a future statewide run? Or maybe she figures, hey, she's still got money in the bank, might as well spend it on something.