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Yes, This Was Another Instance of Muslim Terror...And It Was Directed At Americans, At American Jews, In Fact.

The Obama administration has acted with dispatch in dealing with this last episode of Al Qaeda terror. No equivocations, no hesitations.

In fact, the president pointedly indicated who were the targets of these two quite sophisticated explosive devices. One of the devices, at least, contained two pounds of PETN, a cousin of nitroglycerin, the same material used by Richard Reid in his attempt to bring down an American Airlines flight and by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in his Christmas morning Northwest Air venture. But this was no underwear job. British security which found and analyzed one the contrivance said it could have brought down the plane. But the bombs were not supposed to blow in flight, although prime minister David Cameron believed they could have.

In any case, as Obama said in his press statement , they were addressed "specifically" to "two places of Jewish worship." Awkward phrasing, but never mind.

Indeed, one of the synagogues was Or Chadesh, made up primarily of gay and lesbian members.

Hey, if you're murdering Jews, who it is justifiable to kill, why not take out gay and lesbian Jews, whose lives it is certainly more virtuous to liquidate.