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Not the Best Economic News Team on Television

At 5:00 I'll be tuning into Glenn Beck, a rich, sumptuous meal for the modern connoisseur of crazy media. So a rather bland, easily digestible appetizer seems like a good choice in the meantime. No point getting the fried tortellini and the bruschetta and the penne alla vodka. "CNN Newsroom," the garden salad of late-afternoon TV.

Alas, as soon as I tuned in, Brooke Baldwin made the mistake of attempting to talk about the economy in a cogent way. Over shots of stock ticker displays, she said, "We've been talking a whole lot about jobs, jobs, jobs, with regard to this election. Voters have said it, economy, issue number one. So looking at the Dow it is down just a tad... as we close out the day here on Election Day 2010."

This is an excellent point: Dow. Jobs. Election. Economy. Issues!

It's a good thing I know very little about economics, because if I did I'd probably be pissed she just conflated two completely separate concepts in such a vague, unhelpful way. God only knows what the economics coverage is going to look like later on, when people are actually watching.

On the bright side, she also promised "state of the art graphics and the latest voter tracking technology." Will they be tracking individual voters? How does this connect to FISA?