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Fox and Hounds

CNN has holograms and touch screens and teleporters and tachyon impulse starships, so why the hell was Chris Wallace scrawling crap on a $10 white board on Fox News a few minutes ago? His handwriting sucks. Also, he said that he's really worried that folks are going to undersell the historical significance of Republican gains should they be major. Me too, Chris. Me too.

It's funny how, according to these anchors (Blondie and Former Backup High School Cornerback), every Democratic loss can be tied directly to cap-and-trade or health care reform or the stimulus bill--in short, to Obama.

I am shocked--*shocked*--that no one on Fox News has yet pointed out that incumbents always have a very difficult time when the economy isn't doing well, or that the cyclical nature of electoral politics means that we can't infer too much causality between a given legislative vote and a given electoral outcome. This more nuanced take is on the way, I'm sure. Probably when Sarah Palin comes on in a bit.

Oh, and Joe Manchin won his race, say Blondie and FBHSC, because he shot cap-and-trade in that one commercial (I hear if you shoot it in the head, it goes down for good--otherwise it just keeps ambling toward you and your small business).